Guest Blog: Anah Shabbar, Greenbelt Arts


Photo by: Barsin Aghajan. Anah in an alleyway installation called Spark by Kristia Peterson at In the Soil 2012. 

Anah Shabbar has lived in Ontario's Greenbelt her entire life, and through her interests in music, visual production and event planning, found herself working in the arts and culture field.

More than a year ago Anah chose to partner with her brother, musician Omar Shabbar, to start a grassroots record label. This project, known as Greenbelt Arts, has morphed over time into a collective focused on showcasing fine arts and music. 

Anah has always been highly involved with the St.Catharines community, notably through Brock's radio station, Ontario Public Interest Research Group, and Niagara Artist Centre. This strong community outreach has continued through Greenbelt Arts. Today, Greenbelt Arts is just over a year old, and Anah has recently moved to Toronto and looks forward to fostering a new community, as well as expanding artistic offerings throughout the rest of our Greenbelt. 

This year, Greenbelt Arts and Suitcase in Point Theatre Company are partnering to produce the 2013 In the Soil Festival, to be presented in St.Catharines, Ontario.


If you had the chance to creatively express your connection to Ontario’s Greenbelt visually or musically, how would you do it? Greenbelt Arts is providing the opportunity for artists of all practices to participate in a multimedia installation that represents what the Greenbelt means to us! That's why we've created a new project to be showcased during In the Soil Arts Festival 2013. We are seeking four visual artists to collaborate with four musical artists.

We are Greenbelt Arts, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are an emerging local visual and musical arts collective, based out of St. Catharines and Toronto, Ontario. We strive to stretch our creative boundaries and make unique, site-specific projects and multimedia group shows that build a strong sense of community between artists and audience.

When we became partners with In the Soil Arts Festival in 2012, we had a great time making a group parachute. This year we are looking to create a high profile project for the festival that will record previously undocumented experiences within the Greenbelt.

Our project mission: to fabricate culture and meaning that realize an imagined place, derived from our everyday life and experience in the Greenbelt region.


Each visual artist will develop and create relics and artifacts that represent their own understanding of life in the Greenbelt, as if their creations exist as independent territories. The project will be made up of different found and made artifacts including: flags, maps and globes, symbols and languages, or other traditional artifacts.

Visual and musical artists will work together to create an anthem or musical style specific for the region they are creating.

All completed pieces, visual and musical, will be presented during the In The Soil Arts Festival during the last weekend of April 2013 in downtown St. Catharines.


Find more details at

Submissions Due Friday, February 15th 2013


We look forward to seeing you all at In the Soil 2013: April 26th, 27th and 28th!


- Anah Shabbar, Co-Founder, Greenbelt Arts

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