Hockey In a Changing Climate

Feb 07, 2020

The entire Greater Golden Horseshoe region is being affected by a combination of climate change and population growth. It is now commonly accepted that current climatic changes and extreme weather impacts are just the beginning. The Greenbelt Foundation partnered with experts to better understand how climate change is affecting many aspects of our lives, and ways that we can individually and collectively respond to these challenges.

Their articles highlight how the Greenbelt supports climate action in a number of important and interconnected ways that affect our daily lives. It is important for people to understand that they have a relationship with the Greenbelt, and it’s not just a one-way street! It will help us and our communities adapt to climate change, but it is important we help it do the same. 

For this instalment in the series, Robert McLeman of Rink Watch and Wilfrid Laurier University explores how a changing climate is impacting backyard hockey, and what we can do about it.

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Be sure to check out our interview with Robert McLeman:

Photo: Nicholas Kuhl