Kids at the Green Living Show


The following blog post is from our president, Burkhard Mausberg:

Children continue to amaze me.  I took my three girls to the Green Living Show this past weekend and each brought a friend along.  All six of them then worked at the Greenbelt Foundation booth, handing out materials and talking to other kids.

Before you say ‘child labour,’ they also had many chances to explore the Green Living Show on their own.  They came back with the usual kids stuff: sweets and smellcils (pencils with scents), but also picked up information about saving animals (the big furry ones, not insects) and flyers about solar power (“Daddy, we should put this on our roof”).


Left to their own devices, these kids picked up the need to help out, on the idea that animals are worth saving, and on the obviousness of solar power. And at the end, one of the girls was really disappointed that the Green Living Show only happens once a year!


From left to right, the little helpers and insightful observers are: Isla, Kealey, Sienna, Zoë, Sierra, and Maddie (in front of the Greenbelt Quilt of Possibilities)

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