Request for Proposal: Tracking Integration of Natural Assets into Municipal Asset Management Plans

Sep 11, 2023   •  

Request for Proposals

Tracking Integration of Natural Assets into Municipal Asset Management Plans

1. Introduction:
The Greenbelt Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to the health and prosperity of Ontario's Greenbelt seeks proposals to complete a monitoring report assessing the progress of municipalities in southern Ontario in integrating natural assets into their asset management plans. The report will also evaluate compliance with Ontario Regulation 588/17 - Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure.

2. About the Greenbelt Foundation:
The Greenbelt Foundation stewards two million acres of protected land in Ontario's Greenbelt, supporting clean air, fresh water, climate resilience, and local food sources. In addition to its grants program which supports community and sector capacity, the Foundation undertakes evidence-based research and policy work, strategic programs and promotes the benefits of the Greenbelt through public and stakeholder engagement. By ensuring continuous, progressive investment in the Greenbelt, the Foundation nurtures a living, thriving Greenbelt for all to enjoy.

3. Background:
The Greenbelt Foundation, in collaboration with partners including Conservation Authorities, has been actively investing in municipal natural asset management since 2018. The aim is to help municipalities define, account for, and manage their natural assets as vital infrastructure, leading to enhanced climate resilience and essential services like stormwater management, recreation, flood control, and source water protection.

While natural assets such as forests, wetlands, and green spaces play a crucial role in providing municipal services, they have not historically been adequately categorized or valued in asset management processes. However, with the introduction of Ontario Regulation 588/17 (O. Reg. 588/17), Ontario became the first province in Canada to regulate asset management planning at the municipal level. The regulation requires municipalities to finalize asset management plans, including green infrastructure assets, by 2024. 

4. Objective:
The primary objective of this project is to refine and complete a monitoring report that tracks the progress of Ontario municipalities in integrating natural assets into their asset management plans and complying with O. Reg. 588/17. The monitoring report will be based on each municipality's asset management plan and any work they have completed to inventory, assess condition, and set levels of service for their natural assets.

5. Purpose:
The purpose of the monitoring report is to track and promote the integration of natural assets into municipal asset management plans, enabling municipalities to enhance climate resilience, protect essential services, and improve the overall sustainability of their natural infrastructure. The monitoring report will serve as a valuable tool to understand how municipalities in the Greenbelt region have accounted for and plan to manage natural green infrastructure.

6. Scope of Work:

The selected consultant(s) will undertake the following tasks:

a. Review O. Reg. 588/17 and relevant guidelines to understand the requirements for asset management planning and the inclusion of green infrastructure and natural assets. Within the existing monitoring report template, integrate the outcomes of this review into new metrics for assessing municipal compliance with the regulation.

b. Collect and review asset management plans from all 67 municipalities within the Greenbelt to assess the level of integration of natural assets.

Information on the following categories will need to be collected:

  1. State of Infrastructure
  2. Levels of Service 
  3. Climate Change Measures
  4. Life Cycle Management & Financial Strategy
  5. Project & Policy Implementation
  6. Continuous Updates & Improvements

7. Deliverables: The selected consultant(s) will provide the following deliverables:

a. Use existing and new metrics in Excel to develop a comprehensive monitoring report assessing the progress of municipalities in integrating natural assets into asset management plans and compliance with O. Reg. 588/17. This will include the completion of individual scoring and evaluation rubrics for each municipality.
b. A folder containing a collection of relevant documents, organized by the municipality, that provides evidence of either completion or progress for each indicator within the 7 monitoring report categories.
c. Recommendations for promoting further integration of natural assets into municipal asset management processes in the format of a memo.

8. Timeline:
The project is expected to commence on October 16, 2023, and should be completed by December 11, 2023.

9. Proposal Submission: 
Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals to Samantha Cava at [email protected] or through by October 3, 2023,

The proposal should include the following:

a. Overview of the consultant(s)' experience and expertise in asset management, natural assets, and natural asset management.

b. Detailed methodology and approach to complete the monitoring report using the existing template, including data collection methods.

c. Proposed timeline and work plan.

d. Budget, including a breakdown of costs

10. Evaluation and Selection:

The Greenbelt Foundation will evaluate the proposals based on qualifications, methodology, experience, and cost-effectiveness. The Foundation reserves the right to request additional information or clarification from proposers during the evaluation process.

11. Inquiries:
For any inquiries or clarifications regarding this request for proposal, please contact Samantha Cava at [email protected].

This includes requests for further background information such as the draft monitoring report and rubric. We look forward to receiving your proposals and advancing the integration of natural assets into municipal asset management for a more resilient and sustainable future.


Samantha Cava

Manager, Natural Assets Project Greenbelt Foundation

[email protected]