News Release: Greenbelt Foundation Now Accepting Funding Applications for Three Funding Streams

Feb 24, 2021   •   Featured , News

 Greenbelt Foundation Now Accepting Funding Applications for Three Funding Streams

A New “Growing the Greenbelt” Funding Stream Has Been Announced Alongside the Existing Prosperous Greenbelt and Resilient Greenbelt Streams

TORONTO, February 24, 2021 – The Greenbelt Foundation is now accepting funding applications for the Prosperous Greenbelt and Resilient Greenbelt funding streams, as well as a new Grow the Greenbelt funding stream.

A New “Growing the Greenbelt” Funding Stream Has Been Announced Alongside the Existing Prosperous Greenbelt and Resilient Greenbelt Streams

The Foundation’s priorities for this funding round are to: increase natural cover with native tree, shrub, and other vegetation plantings; enhance opportunities to experience nature and increase numbers of people experiencing the Greenbelt; and maintain and enhance natural systems and climate resilience.

“With this new funding round the Greenbelt Foundation will support projects in our Prosperous Greenbelt and Resilient Greenbelt grant streams that promote climate resilience, vibrant communities, and access to greenspace,” says Shelley Petrie, Program Director, Greenbelt Foundation.

The Prosperous Greenbelt stream invests in projects that generate economic activity and promote vibrant local communities and the rural economy. The Resilient Greenbelt stream invests in projects and stewardship programs that help increase regional environmental sustainability and leverage the Greenbelt’s natural systems to build cost effective natural infrastructure and increase climate resilience.

Additionally, the Government of Ontario has launched public consultations to consider expansion of the Greenbelt, including priority areas such as the Paris-Galt Moraine and a potential expansion of urban river valleys. Together, these initiatives will protect more environmental, agricultural, and groundwater resources. The Foundation’s new Growing the Greenbelt funding stream enables civil society groups, Indigenous groups, the agri-food and agriculture sector, and other stakeholders to fully engage in provincial consultations and contribute to development of future Greenbelt policy.

“The province has indicated an important path forward for expanding and enhancing the unique benefits of the Greenbelt,” says Edward McDonnell, CEO, Greenbelt Foundation. “By announcing a funding stream for Growing the Greenbelt, the Greenbelt Foundation can support stakeholders in the crucial consultation process with the Province and help expand on the Greenbelt’s 16 years of success for the benefit of Ontarians.”

The Greenbelt currently contributes $9.6 billion to Ontario’s annual GDP, supports 177,700 full-time or full-time equivalent jobs, and provides $3.2 billion per year in ecosystem services, like flood prevention. Over the past 16 years, the Greenbelt Foundation has issued grants to support the Greenbelt as a source of clean air and water, a reliable local food source and accessible greenspace.

Interested organizations should visit to learn more and submit their proposals.


About Greenbelt Foundation:

Greenbelt Foundation is a charitable organization, solely dedicated to ensuring the Greenbelt remains permanent, protected and prosperous. We make the right investments in its interconnected natural, agricultural and economic systems, to ensure a working, thriving Greenbelt for all. Ontario's Greenbelt is the world's largest, with over two million acres of farmland, forests, wetlands and rivers working together to provide clean air, fresh water, and a reliable local food source.

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