On The Ball: Sao Paulo Makes A Green Save!

With nearly 20 million people, São Paulo is one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. However, the area’s rapid growth in the last few decades has relied on the unsustainable consumption of natural resources within the region.  In 1989, significant public opposition to a large road building project that would have adversely impacted water resources led to a larger, more broadly based civil society movement that called for the creation of a reserve to protect natural lands. It ultimately resulted in the establishment of the São Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve in 1994.

During Greenbelts: Local Solutions for Global Challenges from March 22-March 24 at the Radisson Admiral Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Rodrigo Victor, Director-General of the São Paulo State Forest Institute, will speak about how the Biosphere Reserve has since been an important tool in fostering the systemic and integrated management of the metropolis’ urban and peri-urban systems. He will explain how its success depends on a governance system that includes representation from a cross section of government agencies and non-government organizations, and will outline the comprehensive projects and activities of the Forest Institute including research, support for agriculture, youth eco-job training programs, and environmental protection policies. 

This Conference brings together policymakers, practitioners, and advocates from around the world, while mixingpanel discussions and site visits to Ontario’s Greenbelt to highlight the potential of Greenbelts to help manage urban growth, sustain farming and the vibrancy of the surrounding countryside communities, and protect valuable ecosystems.

The Conference also features world renowned author Margaret Atwoodworld leading sketch-based comedy ensemble Second City, and Juno award winning and three time 2011 Juno nominee Sarah Harmer.
To register now or to learn more visit: www.globalgreenbeltsconference.ca

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