Prosperous Greenbelt 

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture and Vitality in the Greenbelt.

The unique character of the Greenbelt’s agricultural and natural landscapes – along with the stability provided by its protection – supports $9.1B in economic activity every year and 161,000 jobs. From farming and agricultural activities to sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation, the Greenbelt has demonstrated its central role as the bedrock of rural economies across the region.

Strengthening these activities aligns with community goals to move towards low carbon practices and lifestyles, and supports the Greenbelt as a vital building block for the long-term prosperity of the region. With 7 in 10 Ontarians living within 20km of the Greenbelt and its river valleys, there is tremendous opportunity to increase access to nature, local food, hiking, cycling, fishing, and enjoyment of all the landscape has to offer to 9.2 million residents.

A range of new business and job opportunities will emerge for rural communities as the economy transitions to a more low-carbon model. Services will also evolve with possibilities to reduce costs. Local residents will increasingly expect access to greenspace, active transportation corridors and opportunities to work remotely, while agriculture will continue to require reliable water and energy services.

The Prosperous Greenbelt funding stream supports projects that generate economic activity and promote rural resilience and vibrant communities. Collaborations are encouraged in order to strengthen the impact and reach of projects across the landscape.

Program Goal

The goal of the Prosperous Greenbelt funding program is to:

  1. Support agricultural priorities, including climate mitigation and adaptation activities
  2. Enhance agricultural, natural and cultural-based recreation and tourism in the Greenbelt and along its river valleys
  3. Support planning for low-carbon and climate resilient communities and economies
  4. Engage the public to support the Greenbelt's agricultural and natural systems, cultural heritage and rural economy.

Prosperous Greenbelt will support a range of activities including:

  • Assessing feasibility of low-carbon energy options for agriculture.
  • Promoting local food.
  • Planning new or enhancing existing Greenbelt experiences and destinations.
  • Improving itineraries, wayfinding, education, and overall experiences for Greenbelt destinations such as hikes, winter sports, birding, canoe trips, and fishing.
  • Enhancing experiences and education along the 475km Greenbelt cycling Route – a provincial ‘Trail of Distinction’, or Greenbelt river valleys.
  • Examining new economic opportunities such as woodlot management with sustainable end uses and increased biodiversity.
  • Convening community members, local businesses and municipalities to explore opportunities to adopt or deliver low carbon practices and/or services.
  • Building links across the Greenbelt to support agriculture, nature-based tourism and/or planning for low carbon rural communities.

Please review the Foundation’s 2018 Grant Guidelines and application deadlines before submitting an application. Applications are submitted online through the Foundation’s grant portal. All applicants must first register through the portal and complete an eligibility quiz. We encourage all potential applicants to contact the Foundation and discuss your idea prior to submitting a funding request. Please contact and (416) 960-0001 ext. 310 to schedule a call with the Grant team in advance.

Please note that the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is a non-partisan, registered charity, separate from government, and has no formal role in the government's consultation process. 

This project has received funding support from the Government of Ontario. Such support does not indicate endorsement by the Government of Ontario of the contents of this material.

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