Roadtripping through the Greenbelt


Last weekend, I travelled north for a weekend in the country. One thing I realized is that you don’t have to go too far outside of Toronto until you’re deep into the Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine.

I have travelled through the Greenbelt to the west but haven’t spent much time traveling east and was pleasantly surprised by the rolling fields and lush forests. In a time when GPS and maps are readily available on phones, we opted for a more traditional navigation technique and purchased a map to help identify a route through the Greenbelt and beyond.

We drove past popular Greenbelt destinations such as Rouge Park and Whittamores Farm.  Continuing north on highway 12, we were surrounded by a lot of green, really bringing the true meaning of the Greenbelt to life.

We began to head east at Beaverton, toward the Haliburton Highlands, leaving the Greenbelt. When we arrived at our destination I was pleased to share the sights of our drive with my friends. I urged them to explore the countryside and the Greenbelt on their way back to Toronto and buy a map because technology isn’t always reliable.

Next time you take a trip through the Greenbelt (it’s a big place, you might need a few trips to catch it all) please send us your stories. We’d love to read them.


- Julienne Spence, Acting Communications Director

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