San Francisco's Bay Area at the Global Greenbelts Conference


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Attend the first ever Global Greenbelts Conference in Toronto, Canada from March 22nd to March 24th, 2011. The Early Bird Rate for Greenbelts: Local Solutions for Global Challenges will soon be over with the end of 2010 –-so register now before it’s too late.

Over forty-five speakers and moderators from across the globe will share their experiences and perspectives on tackling the complex challenges in protecting our ecosystems and the numerous benefits they provide, and in sustaining farming and the vibrancy of surrounding communities.


Ms. Stephanie Meyers, Policy Director for the Greenbelt Alliance in the San Francisco Bay Area, will speak about The Grow Smart Bay Vision for the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2009, the Greenbelt Alliance launched Grow Smart Bay Area, a comprehensive vision for smart growth and greenbelt protection for the San Francisco Bay Area through to 2035.  Grow Smart Bay Area shows how to make the region more climate-friendly, affordable, and economically competitive, while protecting its farms, forests, and watersheds.  
The vision is supported by a two-part rigorous research effort. First, the Green Vision process brought together hundreds of open space experts to comprehensively map the region’s most valuable agricultural, habitat, recreational, watershed, and community buffer lands.  Second, the Infill Capacity research quantifies the region’s potential to accommodate new growth in its existing cities and towns, and highlights key ‘smart spots for growth’ around the region.
Register to learn more about the Grow Smart Bay Vision and more atGreenbelts: Local Solutions for Global Challenges


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