Now Hiring: Short term Contract Housing Affordability

Jul 06, 2022   •   Research


The Greenbelt Foundation is the only organization solely dedicated to ensuring the Ontario Greenbelt remains permanent, protected, and prosperous. The Foundation operates as an independent, charitable organization, and receives core funding from the Government of Ontario as well as other public and private support to make strategic investments that enhance and improve the systems and productivity of the Greenbelt. Since 2005, we have funded and leveraged more than $100 million through investment in its interconnected natural, agricultural, and economic systems, to ensure a working, thriving Greenbelt for all. 

Now a world-class model for land use policy, Ontario’s Greenbelt spans over two million acres of protected natural landscapes, farmlands, and urban river valleys. It is one of the largest and most successful greenbelt areas in the world – supporting $9.6 billion in economic activity and 177,000 full-time jobs in the agri-food and sustainable tourism sectors while serving as a critical component of regional water supply and increasingly climate resilience. For more information, visit: 

Purpose of the Project: 

The purpose of this project is to understand what is happening in Greenbelt towns and villages regarding housing affordability. The Greenbelt Foundation would like to develop a response to the housing affordability crisis that addresses the needs of complete rural communities, protects the integrity of the Greenbelt, and supports achieving broader goals of the Greenbelt Plan. 


• Update the Greenbelt Town and Village Profiles with the 2021 census data and ensure that the past profiles are consistent. 

• Develop analytics to visualize changes in the towns and villages over 2006-2021. 

• Determine average costs of housing within Greenbelt Town and Villages.

• Pull data for the rate of new home completions for Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) and determine what percentage of that was allocated to Greenbelt towns and villages. If allocation to towns and villages continues, determine what the allocation would look like. 


• Updated Greenbelt Town and Village Profiles with 2021 census data. 

• Report outlining the findings of the research. 

Skills and Experience 

• Data management. 

• Familiarity with Excel, ARC GIS, Power BI. 

• Strong research and analytical skills. 

• Background in land-use planning or related discipline (Geography, Social Science, Political Science, Urban Studies, Environmental Studies etc.) would be an asset. 

• Ability to work independently and as part of a team. 


This contract is for an estimated 100 hours of work at $35 per hour. The total contract cannot exceed $5000. 

This is a short-term project lasting approximately 4 weeks. Interested parties should submit a resume, cover letter, and one sample of relevant work (e.g., a report) by 5:00 pm on Monday July 18, 2022 through our online portal.