Spring is Here. It's Time to Sow Some Seeds!


Have you thought about what to plant in your garden this year?   These are tough decisions to make, especially with the fantastic growing conditions in the Greenbelt – almost anything goes!  Taste and beauty are the two factors I employ when figuring out what I would like to grow.  The best approach for achieving this is to plant a combination of both decorative and edible varieties – a feast for the mouth and the eyes!

Another approach is to decide on a theme for season.  Think about the kinds of foods you most like to eat, whether it is Italian, Chinese, Mexican, etc.  This will help you narrow down your choices in terms of the varieties of vegetables and herbs, and will also insure you always have the right combination of fresh ingredients for a great meal.


If you are still stuck, there are many resources online that provide fantastic garden planning services for free that can assist you in plotting out, planting, and maintaining your garden.  Get creative and plan in advance, that way you have plenty of time to ensure your soil is good shape to grow your dinner all summer long.  If you prefer to stick to a decorative approach, the Greenbelt can provide you with all the fruits and veggies you need.  Happy planting!

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