Winter Adventure Weekend at the Kortright Centre


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This weekend I’ve decided to get my two-year old daughter bundled up and go out and play in the snow in a new way – dog-sledding at the Kortright Centre. Ok, I realize that two year old may be a little young for the actual sledding part, but it is a great reason to get outside, tramp around in the snow, make snow angels and meet a few nice dogs. And my daughter might get a kick out of mommy sledding (something I have never tried before). We regularly get out and about to explore the Greenbelt and surrounding areas and the Kortright Centre, located in Woodbridge, Ontario, is a great example of the sort of accessible green space the Greenbelt is committed to protecting.

This January 29th & 30th the Kortright Centre is featuring dog-sled races and I’m really looking forward to seeing my daughter’s reaction to a much-loved Canadian sport.  In addition to the races there are dog-sled rides, guided hiking walks, and showshoeing trails—all of which make winter the exciting season it is.  If you have not been there, you really need to go - it has an amazing winter program ranging from learning about winter animals to catching and ID-ing snowflakes.  It’s a great way to get out and make the most of winter, especially when the cool crisp air and white snowy tree tops can warm anyone’s heart.

If staying out in the cold is not your thing—also be sure to check out the children’s activity hut and movie theatre inside the visitor’s centre to learn more about our Province and the environmental actions we’re taking to preserve these wonderful wildlife areas in the Greenbelt.

You can find more information on this and other exciting events at the Kortright Centre on their website

Hope to see you this weekend! 

--Susan Murray

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