Natural Infrastructure, Natural Solutions: Consider Nature

May 19, 2021   •   Soil Health , Natural System

Stretching over 2 million acres, Ontario's Greenbelt protects critical farmland, forests, wetlands, rivers, and lakes. These natural systems clean our air and regulate water quality and quantity, reduce flood risks, provide a home for wildlife, manage rising temperatures, and ensure our communities have greenspaces to explore, improving our mental and physical well-being. We call this natural infrastructure.

The benefits nature provides us with are endless, and it is important that we share this information and begin considering nature as one of our best resources for adapting to the impacts of climate. Click the squares below to watch four short videos that explore the different types of natural infrastructure that can be found right here in Ontario's Greenbelt!

Watch the videos to learn more:





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A Conceptual Framework to Understand the Business Case for Ecohealth

How can we determine the financial value of urban green infrastructure for human health? As the first study of its kind in Ontario, the Foundation worked with Green Analytics to apply the framework to three greenspace projects in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. 


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